About the Terrapure Community Liaison Committee Stoney Creek Regional Facility

The following fact sheets, diagrams, reports and photos provide more information regarding the Terrapure Stoney Creek Regional Facility.  The site is permitted to receive non-hazardous, industrial, commercial and institutional residual materials, such as those from the local steel industry and infrastructure development.

Terrapure Pic.jpg

A highly engineered, state-of-the-art facility, the Terrapure Stoney Creek Regional Facility is constructed with both double-clay and synthetic membrane liners for maximum environmental protection. Click here to see a detailed diagram of the liner system.

The site is permitted to receive solid, non-hazardous wastes that have no commercial value and cannot be recycled, including such materials as residues from steelmaking operations, contaminated soils from industrial sites, and other solidified and stabilized industrial wastes. Click here to learn more about the facility.

Terrapure, through two financial programs with the City of Hamilton related to the operation, contributes over $1 million every year to support various aspects of community life in Upper Stoney Creek.  For more information on Terrapure's community investment, click here.