Terrapure Community Liaison Committee health sub-committee

In accordance with Condition No. 98 of the Ministry of the Environment’s Amended Provisional Certificate of Approval for a Waste Disposal Site, Number A181008, issued April 16, 2008 to Terrapure Corporation, a health sub-committee of the Terrapure Community Liaison Committee ("CLC") was struck in March of 2011. The sub-committee consists of community representatives Brad Hart and Randy Valchuk and company representative Greg Jones. Hamilton Public Health Services was also invited to participate, as required in sub-condition 1.3, and Rob Hall or his designate agreed to play an advisory role to the sub-committee.
As set out in Condition No. 99 of the same Provisional Certificate of Approval, the health sub-committee, as its first order of business, set out to consider the necessity of a possible health study to be undertaken by the company reflecting the recommendations of the Expert Panel report of October 2000.
The CLC and health sub-committee discussed the background regarding the recommendations of a health study, as well as the pros and cons, implications and effectiveness of a potential health study, in its meetings of June and September 2011.  A number of questions arose from the group for Hamilton Public Health Services (“HPHS”)  at the June meeting, which HPHS representative Matthew Lawson addressed at the September meeting.
Additionally at the September 2011 meeting, the committees asked HPHS to review Terrapure’s annual Community Health Assessment Review, which analyzes ongoing monitoring data related to air quality, leachate, groundwater and surface water and evaluates the cumulative impacts of these parameters over time.
The health sub-committee met with Matthew Lawson on November 30, 2011 to hear the HPHS assessment of Terrapure’s annual analysis and to learn its recommendations regarding the necessity of a health study. An official letter from HPHS was received in March 2012 and is included as a link below. 

The health sub-committee then developed its recommendations for the CLC, based on the HPHS assessment, which is also included as a link below. 

The HPHS assessment and the health sub-committee's recommendations were presented at the March 2012 and June 2012 CLC meetings.  However, the committee did not have proper quorum in order to vote on a motion. 

On August 4, 2012 following an email vote from community member Michael Riccotone, in addition the votes already received from members Randy Valchuk and Brad Hart, the following motion was passed by the CLC:

Whereby the CLC and its Health Sub-Committee have reviewed all health and environment related data related to the landfill site and surrounding area.

Whereby Hamilton Public Health Service has provided a clear, unbiased opinion that there is no value in pursuing a health study.

Whereby the CLC Health Sub-Committee agrees with the assessment of HPHS: 

That the CLC and its Health Sub-Committee recommend that a health study not proceed at this time.